If you’re looking for a photographer to capture the fun and love of your family, then you’ve come to the right place. I believe those moments are meant to be preserved as memories.

Woodlands Photographer | Frequently Asked Questions

Laci is a Woodlands Photographer specializing in children and family photography. Hopefully this list of FAQ’s help you when you are considering booking LLP for your families photos.

Do you have availability or how can I book a session?

Booking a session with me is SO easy!!! I use an automated booking system, so you can chose your session type, look at my days/times available and click book!! Everything is done in one easy step, all on one page! You fill out the quick questionnaire, and submit your payment all at once. This helps eliminate the email/text back and forth trying to figure out availability 🙂 Only a retainer is required to hold your date! Booking link is here.

What is your pricing?

I offer fully transparent pricing. My pricing is all inclusive and does not hide any additional fees. All of my pricing is directly on my investment page and my booking page. You always have the option to purchase additional images on mini and petite session packages. I offer affordable photography options, with three different price point family/children sessions and a wrapped only newborn session option. If you are looking for an affordable photographer in the Woodlands, TX area, I can fit your needs.

How long does it take to get my images back?

2-3 weeks is my typical turnaround time. Sometimes I am much faster 😉

Why do you only do outdoor sessions at sunrise or sunset?

One word, LIGHT!!! The light is amazing in whats called the “golden hour”. So I typically will only do sessions 30min-1hr prior to sunset or from sunrise to about 30 min after.

I don’t know what to wear, help!

Of course! I will do phone or email consults to anyone needing assistance! I also have a Pinterest board with ideas.

Where do we take our photos at?

I am in my 6th year of business and have so many amazing spots I love around the area. You tell me what kind of session you want (outdoor, urban, etc) and I will give you the location options. Easy!

When should I book my newborn session?

Well first of all congrats!! Cannot wait to snuggle your sweet bundle of joy! What you will do is depending on if you want lifestyle or posed/studio session for your baby, you will select that on the booking guide, then select your due date as a place holder. Once your sweet baby is here, we will finalize the date on our calendars. Newborn/Studio is done between 6 and 15 days old typically, while lifestyle, I do anywhere from 6 days to 2 months.

What is the difference between a lifestyle and studio newborn session?

Studio newborn sessions are done in my home studio, using my props, wraps and blankets. People chose studio who like the posed baby look in the sweet wraps. Lifestyle newborn photos are done in the comfort of your home, non posed, no props. Just showing your love of your sweet new baby. People chose lifestyle when they want to stay in their home and showcase the nursery and their sweet baby.

I really want to do lifestyle newborn photos but my house is not immaculate. That intimidates me.

Don’t worry about that at all! Most of my clients do not have elaborate immaculate homes. They have normal every day homes. And my job is to capture you, your family, your sweet baby and his/her nursery and even your sweet pets! I capture the love in your home, not any dust bunnies or scattered toys 🙂

Do I get all the images from my session?

Each session type I offer gives you a certain amount of images per session. I always give you the option to purchase additional images in my mini session and petite packages. I do not release RAW/unedited photos for purchase.

What if I am late?

I typically book sessions back to back, but I do understand life happens. Please allow for traffic and unexpected stops when planning on your session. If you are doing a 20-30 min session and are 15 min or more late, we will need to reschedule. If you arrive prior to that we will just reduce your session time (ending at the same planned time). If I don’t have a client after you, then we have more wiggle room unless we scheduled a sunset session, and then the sun gives us no wiggle room 😉 I ask that you please be respectful of my time and arrive at least 10 minutes early to your session. If we are doing mini sessions, I can only allow for a 5 minute tardy (your session time will be reduced by 5 min) before having to move on to the next client.

I’m (or my family) is horrible in front of the camera, we don’t know what to do or how to smile. What if my children don’t cooperate?

Don’t worry about that at all!! This is what I do!! I am here for you from planning the session to posing you. We got this! Most children warm up and we get some amazing photos even if you don’t think we do!! If the child starts acting out, we give them a break or I ask the parents to step away and let me work with them alone, that normally does the trick every time!

Do you offer mini sessions?

2 times a year I offer mini sessions (Spring and Fall). Join my facebook VIP page to be first in the know! https://www.facebook.com/groups/lacileighphotographyVIPs/

What happens is the weather is bad?

I will typically always shoot unless there is rain or storms in the forecast. Overcast days can make for an even light and beautiful photos, but if you want those sunlit photos most of the time (Jan-Aug) I can allow reschedules. However in fall, during the busy season as we call it, availability is limited and we may not have room to reschedule for overcast. If there is 40% chance of rain for that evening I will normally call for a reschedule, as I know most clients are getting hair and makeup done. If you want to “wait and see”, I am totally fine with that and will make the call by 2pm if we need to reschedule.

Can we just move our family photos to your studio?

At this time my studio is not setup for typical family photos, I only have room for newborns or baby milestones, with the exception of a small space for family photos to the newborn add on option.

I have tons of ideas from Pinterest!! Can we do them?

If you look at a majority of my photos I am a minimal prop photographer, even with milestone and newborn photos. If you have an idea you want to do, show it to me and I’ll let you know if I think it will work. You are more than welcome to bring props as long as I view and OK them first (sometimes our location does not allow props). However, please know that each photographer has their own style and I will stylize your idea in my own creative way. I will not exact copy another creatives work.

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