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Woodlands Bluebonnet Sessions

Woodlands Bluebonnet sessions | Laci Leigh Photography

Since the bluebonnet season was cut short here at Laci Leigh Photography due to COVID-19, I wanted to share some of my favorite images from the past few years. I unfortunately had to cancel my sessions for the health and safety of myself and my clients along with the recommendations from the CDC.

A few fun facts about bluebonnets and Texas:

  1. The Lupinus Texensic and Lupinus Subcarnosis (species of bluebonnets) only grow in Texas. That is why they are our state flower!
  2. Bluebonnets love full sun and can stand up to drought. This makes Texas the perfect place for them to thrive.
  3. Germination is key, you should plant them in October/November so the rainy winter months can help them grow. Most bluebonnets fields take years to grow in fully.
  4. They aren’t just blue! While most people think of the blue wildflower when thinking of bluebonnets, they can be found in white and shades of pink and purple.
  5. Depending on location, bluebonnets look best from late March to mid-April.
  6. Bluebonnets typically bloom along roadsides first, then fields!
  7. Its a tradition to have bluebonnet photos! But don’t eat them! They are toxic.

My bluebonnet sessions ranged from Mid March to the first week of April typically. This year they were planned the weekend of March 28th. I am very sad not to see my clients this year but I know that next year will be an amazing bluebonnet season!!

Here are a few of my favorites from the past few years, hopefully I captured everyone! I just love bluebonnets so much and I am going to miss photographing your sweet babies and families in them this year!

Woodlands Bluebonnet Photographer
Woodlands Bluebonnet Photographer
Woodlands Bluebonnet Sessions
The Woodlands Family Photographer
Bluebonnet Mini Session | The Woodlands Texas Children Photographer
Woodlands Bluebonnet Photographer
the woodlands bluebonnet mini sessions
North Houston Area Photographer
Woodlands Bluebonnet Photographer
Woodlands Bluebonnet Photographer
Laci Leigh Photography,The Woodlands, TX children portrait photographer

I am opening the studio tentatively back up at the end of April, so if you want to book a Spring session, just click on my booking link and it will take you through all the steps! Or need more info? Lets chat!

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