If you’re looking for a photographer to capture the fun and love of your family, then you’ve come to the right place. I believe those moments are meant to be preserved as memories.

The Woodlands Tx Family Session | The Hendersons

The Woodlands Tx Family Session

Sometimes the places we see every day provide the best backdrops for family portraits. A backyard photo session or a day at the park not only offers the comfort of familiarity for little ones during the shoot, but these are the places that hold the most memories for us. They create amazing memoirs. We can look back on the photos years from now and tell our kids, “This is the park we used to visit. You loved to feed the ducks there, and when you got older, this is where you learned to fish!” One of the things I love most about being a mostly-outdoor photographer is that you don’t have to go much past your doorstep to see the beauty of nature.

This sweet family was a dream

So, when Karen contacted me to take photos of her sweet family at their local Creekside Pondera Park, I couldn’t wait to get started. Their two sweet boys, William and Christopher, were so handsome! They know this park well, so they had a blast exploring their stomping grounds and showing me all of their favorite spots (and favorite leaves, and favorite rocks).  Oh, how I wish I still had the energy of a preschooler. I love how they find even the most ordinary things extraordinary. Every uncovered rock is another piece of treasure to add to the collection. William made sure to let me know that he LOVES Legos…but he might love riding his bike even more. And Christopher loves playing Batman and building (and I’m sure deconstructing his brother’s Lego creations sometimes).

Needless to say, this session was so much fun. The boys kept giving me their best smiles as they ventured around the small pond. And to top it off, a perfect sunset lit up the backdrop with a shy peak of sunshine at the end.

The Woodlands Tx Family SessionThe Woodlands Tx Family SessionFamily Session - Henderson FamilyFamily Session - Henderson FamilyFamily Session - Henderson FamilyFamily Session - Henderson Family

Thanks for a wonderful time, Henderson Family!

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