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Mommy and Me Petite Session | The Woodlands Photographer

Mommy and Me Petite Session | The Woodlands Photographer

As Mother’s Day approaches, I like to remind moms to include themselves in at least a few portraits with their kiddos. I know we get caught up in documenting childhood milestones—it’s easy to keep all of the focus on those cute little faces—but I don’t want moms to forget the huge parts they play in creating precious memories for their kids. In their daughter’s and son’s eyes, most children think their moms hung the moon! Children will cherish those sweet photographs in just a few years, especially when they are grown.

About this mommy and me story

I wanted to highlight this beautiful Mommy and Me session to demonstrate just how special these photos are. Breanna contacted me and booked a session to remember this time with her sweet girl Aubrey. I couldn’t wait to meet the two of them and help them create some unforgettable moments. Just look at those sweet curls—Aubrey is so photogenic and enjoyed her photoshoot (for the most part)!! Both mommy and daughter were amazing at their shoot and so sweet.

I like to hear what moms have to say about their little ones before we get to the session so that I can get a better idea of how to showcase their personalities as well as how to keep them happy and smiling through the shoot. I loved how Breanna described her spunky girl:

“Aubrey is very energetic and always on the go. She’s very sweet and loves to smile at anyone who gives her attention. She loves to wander off in her own direction and just explore her surroundings. She’s very aware of what’s going on around her and will ‘speak’ up if she doesn’t like it. Her favorite thing to do is dance to any song with a beat. She learns new moves every single day and laughs when she shows us a new one!”

That my kind of girl! I loved exploring this woodsy location and watching little Aubrey do her thing as Mom supported her every step of the way.Woodlands Family Photographer

Woodlands Family Photographer

Woodlands Family Photographer



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