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Location Options – Woodlands Family Photographer

Location Options – Woodlands Family Photographer

Hi, I am so glad you are here! The question I get a lot is, where can we shoot?! As a photographer who does not have a studio, I rely on our AMAZING outdoor options we have locally. I do shoot at public parks but I also like to find little “hole in the wall” location options that you may drive up and say, “oh” but I can capture some MAGIC there!!

As an outdoor family photographer in the Woodlands, TX I have about 8-10 spots I rotate from routinely. If you book a Storyteller Session, we can venture out further than the area as well! Here are examples of the location options for you to review and chose for your session!

  1. Field Option – this location is beautiful!! Its been my go to and secretish spot the past 4 years, however I noticed this fall a few more people found out about it. Hoping it stays less busy because let me tell you the light here is AMAZING!! The location is ever changing based on season. Location will be given once booked. Available for Petite, Simple, Luxe, and Storyteller sessions. Update 2023 – they are doing construction in this area and cleared out some trees but we can still make some magic happen <3

2. WG Jones Tree Rows – This location is super super popular by the entire area. During the fall I will only shoot at this location on the weekdays and earlier than sunset. Its always a winner with light though, and allows us to have earlier shooting times, especially good for those with early bedtimes! Located I45/1488 area. Available for Petite, Simple, Luxe, and Storyteller sessions.

3. Alden Bridge Park – This one is always a good spot. With the options of bridges and wooded areas you have a good variety of backdrops. Available for Petite, Simple, Luxe, and Storyteller sessions.

4. WG Jones Pond Location – This one also gets crowded during fall but you can tell why! It gorgeous and the light is just perfection here. Pond and cute trails really help bring out some amazing scenery. Located I45/1488 area. Available for Petite, Simple, Luxe, and Storyteller sessions.

5. The Creek! I have two creek locations! One located in Spring, its a fun option for people who aren’t wanting to drive to the beach! There is a little hike to get to it, so be aware of that. Offroad wagons or strollers are best. On the way out there is a big sand hill to walk up. 100% kids have fun at this spot! The second location (the last 8 pictures of the collage) is in Conroe and a different vibe than the one in Spring, this one is more wooded and natural setting which is breathtaking! Available May -November. ONLY Available for Simple, Luxe, and Storyteller sessions.

6. Private Property Spring, TX – This location is so pretty. Its private property so parking is easier, and zero crowds! Wooded areas along with a pond. ONLY Available for Simple, Luxe, and Storyteller sessions.

7. Rob Fleming Park – This location is always amazing. It’s seasonal with the flowers but springtime here is my favorite. The fall gives us wonderful oranges and fall tones as well. Available for Petite, Simple, Luxe, and Storyteller sessions.

8. Flower Farm – Located outside of Huntsville, approximately 40 minutes from the Woodlands, an absolutely gorgeous flower farm (June-Sept) but also has a unique barn, pond and some gorgeous trees! ONLY Available for Luxe or Storyteller sessions, or if you book a Simple Family the venue fee ($65) will be added to your total. Must be booked in advance. More photos of the farm found here.

9. Urban area #1 – The Woodlands Waterway – An urban favorite, you can’t go wrong with this spot at all. Its just gorgeous. We work around the crowds 🙂 Its a huge hit with my seniors, especially the boys, but my families are starting to request it a lot! Available for Petite, Simple, Luxe, and Storyteller sessions.

10. Mossy Tree –This location is ever changing but so so gorgeous, its just wooowwww. My seniors love it as well. Location will be sent upon booking. Available for Petite, Simple, Luxe, and Storyteller sessions. Moss tree is a private location that must be booked in advance and has very limited availability, recommending booking is 3 months in advance for this one and weekdays only.

11. Urban Area # 2 – Less crowded than the waterway this option gives you the urban feel, some amazing light and some wooded areas as well. Available for Petite, Simple, Luxe, and Storyteller sessions.

12. The Willow Glasshouse – This is located at the Oak Atelier in Magnolia. This place is absolutely gorgeous!! Glasshouse photo session best light is 1hr prior to sunset or first 2 hours after sunrise. I love shooting here, its always gorgeous, every single time!! This location is available for any session type, however it has a venue fee of $100-150 added to your total. This location has to be preplanned ahead of time as the Willow books up for months especially during fall.

13. The Beach!! Only available if you book a Beach or Storyteller session (or happen to snag a beach mini when I host them) but Galveston is always a hit!! Galveston Beach photo sessions are done 30 minutes prior to sunset. Available May – October only.

14. Your house!! Indoors only available for newborn sessions – In home lifestyle photo sessions are so amazing! And when you have little ones, it helps them to be in a familiar place. In home sessions are done at 11am. Or outside your home, these are always comforting and great memories of your own space. Outdoor photos are done at sunset. Extended families are outdoors only.

Location Options – Woodlands Family Photographer

Laci Leigh Photography is a photographer in the Woodlands area specializing in children and family portraiture. She is now booking for 2022 sessions and servicing The Woodlands, Houston, Spring, Conroe, Tomball, Cypress, Kingwood, Humble and Katy Texas areas. If you are looking for a Family Photographer near you, contact Laci to discuss booking a session! Booking a session is easy and all online.

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