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How to Help Texas | Winter Storm 2021

How to Help Texas | Winter Storm 2021

Texas has been through one of the worst natural disaster’s and the first ice storm of this proportion since the 1930’s. Unfortunately our grids and our housing infrastructure’s are not made for freezing temperatures for long periods of time and its caused catastrophic power loss to homes for days in freezing cold weather along with water shortages/complete water loss. People are in desperate need of warmth and water and food. Texas is currently under a Federal State of Emergency.

Here in South Texas, the suburbs of Houston in the Woodlands, TX, My little family has been extremely fortunate that we only lost power a little less than 24 hours and we have had water this entire time including hot water. We had only one pipe burst which my husband was able to control quickly so we had minimal damage and he was prepared with pipe fittings in our garage to fix the issue immediately. My parents and inlaws have been about the same regarding power loss and water supply but at different times than us, so it has allowed us to alternate homes if needed. You in a way get “survivors guilt” feeling guilty for having power and others not and want to do everything you can to help others.

So I have researched and compiled a list of things you can do to help Texas including locally and donation sites:

  • Firstly if you have power, its important to conserve as much energy as you can so the grid is not over powered again and it can allow others to start slowly gaining power again. Keeping your thermostat around 66/68 degrees, not running your dishwasher/washer/dryer, and keeping blinds closed can help tremendously. Here is a great article going into detail. Please remember if you have a space heater or generator to be safe. Space heaters can be fire hazards so monitor them at all times and generators must be kept outdoors away from windows to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning.
  • Check on your neighbors and friends. If you live close by and the roads are not dangerous offer them up a hot meal or water if they do not have running water. Even if the town has water a lot of residents have lost water due to frozen pipes, that most likely wont unfreeze until Saturday.

  • Donate to local food banks. Feeding Texas is one of the largest food banks in our state, you can search a local food bank on their site to donate too. The Montgomery County Food Bank is one local to my area, as well as the Houston Food Bank.
  • The South Texas Red Cross (or any red cross for Texas), helps thousands of people in times of need. They are mobilizing to help with the winter storm recoveries.

  • Helping animals – the SPCA and Operation Kindness are two great companies in need of donations. The amount of abandoned animals during this has been heart breaking.
  • Meals on Wheels Montgomery County lost ALL their food supplies to feed our elderly communities in the freeze. They have an amazon list of much needed items you can purchase.
  • Ready Harris has a list of local Houston area stores that are currently open, also check your smaller grocery stores and also gas stations!

Also locally The Woodlands Township has updates regarding our local Entergy call for power conservation, Trash collection and our water quality information. The Woodlands Texas is currently as 2/18 NOT under a boil water notice.

  • Warming Centers – Texas A&M has compiled a list of warming centers for each county. Each county has opened up warming centers for their citizens if they can safely get to them. The good thing is roads are slowly starting to deice, so if you can SLOWLY and safely get to one near you to warm up, please do. If you have an emergency please call 2-1-1.

How to Help Texas | Winter Storm 2021

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