If you’re looking for a photographer to capture the fun and love of your family, then you’ve come to the right place. I believe those moments are meant to be preserved as memories.

Conroe Family Photographer – Shisler Extended Family Session

Conroe Family Photographer – Shisler Extended Family Session

How adorable is this family?! It was SO much fun getting to spend the afternoon with this growing group. I love getting to capture extended families in sessions like this as a Conroe Family Photographer. Claire is a fellow photographer, so of course it was a huge honor when she approached me about this super fun session. She wanted something different than the normal “woodsy” background for this photo shoot and decided on this crazy fun graffiti wall. I seriously adore how bright and full of life these pictures are. They really encompass the creative, fun vibe of this family.

In this session, we had Mom and Dad, their son’s and daughter’s in law, and their first grandson (Claire’s little man). We were even able to incorporate their fur babies into some of the shots! How fun!! I could really tell that Mom and Dad are at the heart of this family. The obvious love Claire’s parents have for the newest addition to this adorable family was so touching and very apparent. There’s nothing quite like the love between a grandparent and their first grandkiddo. Their second son and his wife are newly weds, ahhhh young love….so that was super fun to capture too!

To me, sessions like these are why photography isn’t just an artistic outlet, it’s vitally important for the documentation of a family’s growth. Once upon a time, this family was just two people, in love and with a dream. Now look at them! Seven already and a wonderfully long road still ahead of them. Just imagine, some day, it will be Claire’s turn to look over and stare at her beautiful little grandbaby. She’ll schedule another extended family session, just like this one and on and on it’ll go. Time is relentless (sometimes painfully so), but it truly is a beautiful thing to behold when it comes to times as these, don’t you think?

Conroe Family PhotographerConroe Family Photographer

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