Montgomery County Photographer – Dean Family

There aren’t enough words of praise for this sweet family. Elizabeth and her husband Dean just bought some great property out in New Waverly, and I have to say, I’m pretty sure their boys are perfectly suited for the country life! The property they purchased came with a little pond accompanied by a dock, perfectly designed for cannon-balls and lazy summer naps. Hudson, their eldest was so incredibly well mannered. An amazing reflection of such wonderful parents.  I was so honored that they chose me to be their Montgomery County Photographer!

Let’s take a second to talk about Rhett, their younger son, for a second…A cuter little cowboy could not be found! Golden curls, tiny boots and the most adorable little pearl snap you’ve ever seen! Be still my heart!!

I’m so incredibly excited for what fun the future holds for this family. A lifetime of giggles and adventures surely are in store for such a great group of people. I was incredibly honored to get the opportunity to work with such a kind family who were even sweet enough to take my little girl out on the boat to tour their new pond! I mean seriously! How sweeter could you get?! To see the look of joy in her eyes is a gift I’ll always treasure.

Its times like these that I take stock of the gift that is this wonderful career. To this beautiful family, thank you from the bottom of my heart for being showing not only me, but my daughter such kindness. The world became a more beautiful place when your family joined it.

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Family Photographer The Woodlands – Jakub Family

One of the biggest compliments I can receive as a Family Photographer The Woodlands is repeat business. I absolutely love when clients come back year after year because they love the work I do for them. It’s so much fun to be able to see the families grow and change, watch the kids reach new milestones, and catch up on all the exciting events from the past year.  And to put those tangible memories in the hands of my clients is such an honor that I vow never to take for granted.

I absolutely love this family. Kim and her husband are such amazing people. They have the uncanny ability to make you feel as if you’ve known them for decades every time you talk to them. The kids are an absolute hoot. They loved playing in the trees and I was lucky enough to see their silly-sweet adorable personalities through my lens. I love getting to really capture the true personalities of my clients through candid shots, especially kids. It always cracks me up to look through my old scrapbooks and seeing what an absolute mess my siblings and I were.

Fun fact – my mother documented every single milestone in mine and my siblings lives religiously through scrapbooking. Every holiday, every birthday, every graduation… you name it, we’ve got it (matched perfectly, of course, with enough themed stickers to make any Hobby Lobby enthusiast jealous).  Now that I think of it, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree! I can’t even begin to count the hundreds of pictures I’ve taken and filed away of my kiddos. Like mother, like daughter!

For more information on how to schedule a session, feel free to get in touch via my website!  I would love to hear your dreams and for you to inspire me.  Thank you so much for reading and keep scrolling below to see highlights from this beautiful session!




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Woodlands Premiere Photographer – Grote Family

I had such a great time photographing this adorable family! We scheduled a fall petite session, and were able to get some truly great shots of Michelle, her husband and their precious little girl.  Being a Woodlands Premiere Photographer gives me such a wonderful opportunity to document so many amazing moments with so many sweet families.

Thirty minute sessions are perfect for little ones of this age. Their attention spans and patience usually doesn’t last much longer 🙂 We had to work for a few smiles, but I really think she had fun throughout the entirety of the session. Props are also great for kiddos at this age. It gives them something to focus on other than the fact that 3 big ole’ grown ups are continuously staring at them. She loved the little box I brought. What is it about kids and boxes?! I swear my kids would rather play with the boxes their toys come in than the toys themselves!

Photography is so much more than providing empty walls with pretty pictures. It acts as an artistic documentation of precious times in people’s lives, such as this one. I hope that it brings a smile to this sweet little girl’s parents every time they peek through these pictures in the future. I hope it helps them remember how she always stuck her tongue out when she smiled, the sound of her sweet giggles, the joy that spread across her delicate face when giving mommy eskimo kisses. Loved making memories with this precious family!

Keep scrolling down to view the perfect pictures from this sweet session that I completely adore!!

And to book your own session with me, be sure to get in touch!  I would love to meet you and your precious family.  Here’s a link to my portfolio.


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Conroe Family Photographer – Shisler Extended Family Session

How adorable is this family?! It was SO much fun getting to spend the afternoon with this growing group. I love getting to capture extended families in sessions like this as a Conroe Family Photographer. Claire is a fellow photographer, so of course it was a huge honor when she approached me about this super fun session. She wanted something different than the normal “woodsy” background for this photo shoot and decided on this crazy fun graffiti wall. I seriously adore how bright and full of life these pictures are. They really encompass the creative, fun vibe of this family.

In this session, we had Mom and Dad, their son’s and daughter’s in law, and their first grandson (Claire’s little man). We were even able to incorporate their fur babies into some of the shots! How fun!! I could really tell that Mom and Dad are at the heart of this family. The obvious love Claire’s parents have for the newest addition to this adorable family was so touching and very apparent. There’s nothing quite like the love between a grandparent and their first grandkiddo. Their second son and his wife are newly weds, ahhhh young love….so that was super fun to capture too!

To me, sessions like these are why photography isn’t just an artistic outlet, it’s vitally important for the documentation of a family’s growth. Once upon a time, this family was just two people, in love and with a dream. Now look at them! Seven already and a wonderfully long road still ahead of them. Just imagine, some day, it will be Claire’s turn to look over and stare at her beautiful little grandbaby. She’ll schedule another extended family session, just like this one and on and on it’ll go. Time is relentless (sometimes painfully so), but it truly is a beautiful thing to behold when it comes to times as these, don’t you think?

Conroe Family PhotographerPINIMAGEConroe Family PhotographerPINIMAGE


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North Houston Family Photographer – Extended Family Sessions

How magical is this golden sunset lighting?! As far as editing goes, I can work some magic when it comes to lighting, but no need this time! The way the rays danced in and out of the branches was the perfect backdrop for this evening session. I couldn’t have asked for a better evening to capture this beautiful family portrait as a North Houston Family Photographer.

I was contacted by Elizabeth to do this extended family session at their stunning home in The Woodlands. The entire family, including her mom and dad, her sister with her son and his fiancee, her brother with his wife and two sons, were so incredibly welcoming and kind to me and my assistant. Sometimes with big groups such as this, it can be somewhat of a challenge to coordinate shots within the time frame that the sunset allows you. But every single member of this great family was so cooperative and attentive to every cue which made this session flow so smoothly.

I was so happy we had enough time to get both individual shots, group shots of each individual family and a large group picture. From personal experience, I know how important it is to make sure to get shots of grandma and grandpa with their grand-kiddos. Not to mention, getting those individual shots of each grandchild from a family is so important.  Grandma and Grandpa dote on them, and squeezing in those moments- it’s time stood still.  It’s exactly as they were at that age.  Importance is quite the understatement.  

I was so happy to be able to provide this family with some great images that they’ll be able to treasure for years to come.  For more information on how to book your North Houston Family Photographer session, be sure to contact me!



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