Woodlands Family Photographer | In-Home Lifestyle Session

Capturing the love and fun of family is so important to me, and working with this family was a bittersweet experience for us all.  Cecilia contact me as her family will soon be moving from the Woodlands area to the beautiful state of Colorado.  Before leaving Texas, she wanted to be sure to preserve memories of them in their home here.  Cecilia scheduled an in-home lifestyle session with me to remember how happy her sweet girls were in their home and their personalities overall.  

Pretty Princesses, all in Pink!

We spent time with the girls in their bedroom which was suited for princesses! They had so much fun jumping on the bed, playing with their toys, dancing and giggling.  I know there were so many happy times for these sisters playing together in this room.  Their parents probably remember many sleepless nights spent rocking the girls in this room lulling them back to sleep, and snuggle time reading bedtime stories here in their over-sized bed.  

I love the portrait with the family dog in their foyer of the home!  And a sweet kiss between mom and dad as they remember and reflect upon this chapter in their book of family memories.

Outside we had the family pose together on the front steps of their home, and spend some time playing in their beautiful yard with the girls.  Their playhouse was full of make-believe and laughter as they slid down the slide.

They were the sweetest family and had the most gorgeous home.  I was so honored to be their Woodlands Family Photographer if only for their last session here.  

I wish them all the best with their new endeavors.

Woodlands Family PhotographerPINIMAGEWoodlands Family PhotographerPINIMAGEWoodlands Family PhotographerPINIMAGEWoodlands Family PhotographerPINIMAGEWoodlands Family PhotographerPINIMAGE

What fun it was capturing the love that flows through this family as their Woodlands Family Photographer. How gorgeous are they!

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North Houston Boutique Photographer | Well Dressed Wolf Houston Photoshoot

Every year, twice a year, I do a Well Dressed Wolf photo session and I love it! I adore working with Shannon and Sarah and their customers.  This boutique shop in downtown Houston holds a vision and values similar to my own. They beleive moments with your child are precious. And sweet simple styles allow your little girls to shine in their natural personality.  I am so honored and thrilled to be working with them on my fourth Well Dressed Wolf shoot.

A Blast from the Past

We held this session in Spring, Texas and decided to center it around a vintage theme. It was complete with a galvanized metal wash tub and a wash board. So cute! Since it was fall I also brought along some pumpkins in orange and white, and set them up alongside some natural wood.  I am over the moon tickled for how well these turned out! 

What I have come to learn is that Shannon and Sarah have created a tribe and sisterhood among their clients, This is such an incredible and beautiful accomplishment.  And these ladies are amazing!  I had the chance to visit with some returning clients, as well as meet some beautiful new little girls. I truly adore the work I do as a North Houston Boutique Photographer!

The next session with Well Dressed Wolf can’t come soon enough! 

North Houston Boutique PhotographerPINIMAGENorth Houston Boutique PhotographerPINIMAGENorth Houston Boutique PhotographerPINIMAGENorth Houston Boutique PhotographerPINIMAGENorth Houston Boutique PhotographerPINIMAGENorth Houston Boutique PhotographerPINIMAGENorth Houston Boutique PhotographerPINIMAGENorth Houston Boutique PhotographerPINIMAGE

As a North Houston Boutique Photographer, capturing these collections for Well Dressed Wolf twice a year is an absolute honor! I can’t wait to see them again for our next session!

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North Houston Family Photographer | The Pitta Family

As a North Houston Family Photographer, I have found that mini sessions are a great way for me to work with families who may not have a need for a full portrait session.  Izabela and her family are so sweet!  They are new to the Woodlands area and she shared they are originally from Michigan.  This time of year they become really nostalgic for the crisp fall weather and beautiful warm fall colors.  We tried to incorporate as much as we could into their photos.

A Gorgeous Day for a Mini Session

Her daughters, Jackie and Sadie, wore the sweetest orange dresses from Well Dressed Wolf, one of my favorites boutiques here in Houston!  Izabela is a woman after my own heart because she shared she loves dressing up her daughters and taking pictures of them.  (me too!)

I could tell these sisters have a special bond.  Jackie was so sweet and protective of her sister – holding her, supporting her, and laughing with her.  Sadie will grow up having a life-long friend.  Izabela explained both girls love singing and dancing and music.  Dad is normally pretty quiet, but he was so warm and tender with the family.

Love this family, and I was so happy to work with them to create some warm fall memories for them!

North Houston Family PhotographerPINIMAGE

The Pitta family was nothing short of stunning. I loved capturing their beauty as their North Houston Family Photographer!

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Woodlands Family Photographer – The Andrews Family

I had so much fun on this Fall Mini Session with Lindsay and her sweet family .  Her girls were adorable.  I loved their red hair.  They were both precious but could not be more different from one another.  Kherington is 7, shy and reserved.  She loves American Ninja Warrior and hopes one day to compete as one herself.  She currently keeps active with activities, like rock climbing and basketball, that will help her to achieve this goal one day.  Little sister Kennedy, who just celebrated her 5th birthday, is on the more outgoing side.  She loves to dance and anything girly.  Some of her favorite things are Rapunzel and My Little Pony.  Mom, Lindsay, is a first grade teacher, and about the sweetest person ever.  I would have loved to have had her as a teacher.  And Dad, Jeremy, is a geologist, so, of course he rocks! 😉

A Beautiful Day with a Beautiful Family

The whole family was great to work with.  They were easy going and willing to try whatever I asked.  It is great as a Woodlands Photographer to get clients that just want to have a good time together and trust the photographer to pose them well to get the image they are looking for.  We got multiple great images of this group during their Mini Session.  I loved the big smiles and bows that the girls wore, and Kherington’s giant gap where those two front teeth used to be.  Even toothless she is absolutely beautiful.  Lindsay and Jeremy looked so lovingly at each other during their segment together.  It is no wonder their girls are so sweet and well behaved.  They have great parents, leading them by example.  I loved meeting them and capturing memories as their Woodlands Family Photographer.

Woodlands Family PhotographerPINIMAGE

What a fun family this was! All four of them have such sweet and adventurous spirits. How lucky am I to be their Woodlands Family Photographer?!

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North Houston Family Photographer – Rachel’s Fall Family Session

I love seeing repeat clients, especially ones with kids.  It is so fun to be able to see how everyone grows and changes over the years.  Rachel and her family came back again this year for their annual fall session with me, their Woodlands Family Photographer.  It was great to see everyone there and excited about the session, even Dad.  If he was not excited, he was putting on a great act for the camera.

A Well Dressed Duo

Their girls are adorable!  The whole family were great subjects but these two stole my heart.  They were absolutely precious, posing in their Well Dressed Wolf dresses.  I loved the flower hair accessories that they wore too.  Their outfits were perfectly paired with the forest setting.  They are happy, smiling and giggling throughout the entire session.  Mom and Dad were perfection as well.  They are such a beautiful group.  The golds, greens and browns of the forest made for a beautiful fall backdrop to that Fall Family Session.

I have been having a great time with all of the families setting up their Fall sessions in the Greater Houston Area.  If you live in the Houston Area (Conroe, The Woodlands, etc), now is the time to set up your session.  Do not miss out on this great weather and the beautiful colors.  I cannot wait for next year’s session with Rachel and her beautiful family.

North Houston Family Photographer - RachelPINIMAGENorth Houston Family Photographer - RachelPINIMAGE

Capturing these updated family portraits for Rachel as her North Houston Family Photographer was an absolute honor! Just look at those gorgeous smiles!

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